Fox and the Whale is an independent, self financed shortfilm completed in June 2016 . Here is a trailer for the short . The film premiered on Sept 03 2016 at the LAshorts fest in Los angeles, and is playing in festivals through 2017. The full Production Credits for the film is as follows. 


Directed & Produced by Robin Joseph                                                                                              

Character animation, Models, Rigs by Kim Leow                                                                                

Character Rig ( Fox ) by Louis Vottero                                                                                                     

Music by John Poon                                                                                                                           

Design, storyboards, Backgrounds, 2danim, VFX, Comp, Edit, Sound Design by Robin Joseph


The Film's sound design was done with the incredible support and advice from Tim Nielsen. Tim generously loaned the field recordings from which majority of the soundscape for the picture was designed. 


Festival List:

LASHORTS 2016  (Sept 03 2016)                                                                                                            

52nd Chicago Intl Film festival 2016 (Oct 21,25 2016)    

Klik Amsterdam 2016 (Oct 27,29 2016)                                                                       

25th St.Louis Intl Film Festival 2016 (Nov 13 2016)                                                                        

Manchester Animation Festival 2016  (Nov 15,16,17 2016)

Santa Fe Film Festival 2016 (Dec 08 2016)

Victoria Film festival 2017 (Feb 04 2017)

Clermont Ferrand Intl Short festival 2017 (Feb 05,06,07,08,09,10,11 2017)

Oxford Film Festival 2017 (Feb 18,19 2017)

DC Indie Film fest 2017 (Feb 20 2017)

Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2017 (Mar 10,11 2017)


Oxford Film Festival 2017 ( Best Animation Award ) 

VIEW AWARD ( Best Environment Design ) View Conference 2016

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